What is Morf?

Morf is a roguelike in which you control a hero with a peculiar ability. When you slay a foe, you morph into the shape of the enemy and take on his abilities and strengths.

Since different monsters have different abilities, morphing becomes part of your strategy. Do you kill that druid now, or try to avoid him so you can use his healing ability later on? As you travel deeper into the earth you also collect powerful weapons, armor, potions and trinkets to aid you.

How far can you make it? There are 20 levels to test your abilities to their limits and there are also achievements to be gained. Earning achievements in Morf grants you perks that can be used in your next play-through. See how fast you can finish the game and immortalize your name in the leader-boards for all to see!

How was Morf made?

Morf was made with a JavaScript engine built around a heavily modified version of the Dig Dug Dungeon engine. Sprites are rendered onto an HTML5 canvas. The game was developed over three months in conjunction with Terri Vellmann who did most of the beautiful pixel work you can see in Morf.

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