Big Bad Waffle is the indie developer who brought you titles like the shape-shifting roguelike Morf, the potion-quaffing puzzle game, Alcheminion and the magical infinite runner, Spellflinger.. Currently, I am working on a new version of my roguelike, Morf which should be released before November 2013. I also have a bullet-hell, action RPG lined up […]

Random Cave Generator

Random Cave Generator

Foreword Following the success of my Dungeon Generation article I decided to write one on generating random caves. In this Random Cave Generator Tutorial, we’ll be using cellular automata to generate nice looking caves in JavaScript. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me on twitter. Random CaveGenerator (DEMO) Algorithm First, let’s discuss […]

Random Dungeon

Random Dungeon Generator

Foreword I wrote a random dungeon generator tutorial a few months ago, on my old blog. But since I moved to this new site, I decided to do a slightly better version of it. This tutorial is aimed at people who are new to the world of random generation. The algorithm I will be describing […]



For Ludum Dare 27, I made my first puzzle game. The theme was ’10 Seconds’ and initially all levels were limited to that time (which you could extend by drinking a black potion) but that didn’t turn out to be very fun so I removed that mechanic. I was quite pleased with how it turned […]



Spellflinger is an infinite runner with a difference. You take control of a powerful wizard flinging spells at enemies that pop up around you with increasing frequency. But you won’t go unaided in your quest. Powerups like potions, fire orbs and potatoes are strewn along your path and are sure to give you just the […]



What is Morf? Morf is a roguelike in which you control a hero with a peculiar ability. When you slay a foe, you morph into the shape of the enemy and take on his abilities and strengths. Since different monsters have different abilities, morphing becomes part of your strategy. Do you kill that druid now, or […]

World Generator

World Generator(play)

My favorite topic, random world generation! This one was written in JavaScript and utilizes a whole bunch of interesting techniques including a nifty algorithm I wrote that shades 2D terrain as if it were 3D.

Dig Dug Dungeon

Dig Dug Dungeon(play)

This was my entry for Ludum Dare 25. I had the brilliant idea of making an entire RTS (Dugneon Keeper style) in JavaScript. The AI was where it really got complicated. Nevertheless the entry was very well received as people seemed to really enjoy digging tunnels, vanquishing heroes and generally being evil!

Space Amoebas

Space Amoebas(play)

This game nearly didn’t see the light of day. It was made for Ludum Dare 24 and I really wasn’t feeling up to the challenge. Gameplay consists of moving around your blue amoeba to catch powerups and avoid enemies. I didn’t put in nearly enough effort into this entry but people seemed to enjoy the […]